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"When I first began seeing Marie, I was someone who felt misguided and lonely. From the beginning of our visits, I felt comfortable with Marie because I could see her attentiveness and her genuine concern in addressing the issues I faced. Additionally, if I am unable to make it to her office, Marie is always willing to Skype with me, which has been incredibly helpful. Marie has taught me many coping skills that I have applied to my life and I have  learned how  to be content with my life and myself. Marie has demonstrated her gift as a life coach and I feel very confident referring my family and friends to her. Marie has continued to guide me in my life journey and I am truly grateful."

"I had been to counseling off and on for the past 30 years and I was at the point of my life where I thought and accepted that this is how life is going to be for me, unhappy and miserable. I feel truly blessed to have met Marie and work with her in the past year, I met her through her fitness class and there was something about her warmth and positive attitude that drawn me to her. I found out later that she’s a Life Coach and I wanted to learn more."    

Marie's approach is different from anyone that I had worked with, instead of blaming, she made you look at life in a different approach that helped you heal and move on, beside her beautiful and caring heart, her non judgmental attitude and her quick to forgive personality helped me overcome a lot of my emotional problem and also made me a better person. I love her dearly and thank God everyday for sending her my way. My marriage is stronger than ever, I’m a happier and a better person because of her. Thank you Marie for helping me and I hope that you will continue to help others through your work."

"Marie has an amazing knack for insight into people; a skill she has used to help guide me through a series of very difficult changes in my life. Marie speaks straight and true but always with compassion, love and the client's best intentions for their life. Marie has helped me understand myself better as well the situations around me. Marie's guidance has been vital to my personal growth and I will continue to seek her advice for as long as I can. "

"Marie is  such a rare and an amazing woman and so unique in how she goes about her life and passions. She loves every single friend she finds in her classes and her work. I have dealt with a lot if trauma in my life and Marie has been my ray of sunshine I always look forward to seeing her. Her passions both life coaching and fitness  are simply addictive, you want to learn more and be around her more. Her infectious spirit and drive is just the brim of how absolutely incredible she is ! I am so blessed and absolutely fortunate to have her in my life.  Marie's approach to life's challenges are always led with an open heart and positive attitude and huge smile!"

Yoga and Mindful Practices:

"I have been taking a variety of fitness, and yoga classes from Marie for sometime.  She comes to class with an open heart and a beautiful smile. She is knowledgeable, she is passionate, she is welcoming to all and she is always understanding of individual needs.

Marie is a certified instructor in many areas, and she is always expanding her fitness education and then offering her students more information so we can continue to grow in her class. A wonderful person, a wonderful teacher!"


Lorri G.


Marie’s yoga class is a true highlight of my entire week and is a foundational part of my selfcare routine. Marie has a unique and masterful way of leading us in yoga that is deeply healing to the mind, body, and spirit. My background as a physician has taught me about the positive effect Marie’s yoga has on our nervous system, especially our sympathetic nervous system (“fight or flight”). Yoga helps to calm our anxious minds, heal neural pathways, improve our immune system, and allows us to better navigate challenges in our life with a sense of balance. During these extremely challenging times of the pandemic, Marie adapted to offer classes virtually and continues to provide this option. This past year during the pandemic has been especially challenging for me and Marie’s yoga class has been a Godsend to my journey and health. Her somatic practices have already shown improvements in my neck pain, low back discomfort, and ankle mobility. Marie helps guide us in gently reconnecting to our breath throughout class, which the breath is our foundation as we go about our entire day. She lovingly helps correct form to ensure our safety and avoid injury. Marie’s class is always unique and blends her training in trauma informed yoga, somatic yoga, and yoga therapy. 

John Andrew Wesley, MD

My yoga therapy session with Marie Pampanin was much more about therapy than yoga, which she seemed to intuit was just what I needed.  She used her diverse experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, work with veterans suffering from PTSD, knowledge of Ayurveda and ability to interpret postural alignment together for a very effective session of helpful insights and suggested changes I might make. The session included things such as mindfulness, breathwork, balance from a physical and emotional perspective, and the importance of creating joy in one's life.  Marie's gentle manner and obvious wisdom were an important part of this valuable session, and I highly recommend her yoga therapy sessions to others.


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